flooring finished

the floor is done, the floor is done! i’m so happy! i’m obsessed and ecstatic over the look and feel of it. things were at a complete standstill for a weeks. it is the final stage of renovations after so many stages, from demolition to construction, plumbing, lighting, new sinks, a door. and still tattooing here and there in between. i started renovation in august, it’s taken a whole season.

walls came tumbling down. a narrow hallway disappeared. secret stairs were taken out. new walls were built. a dark corner illuminated. a trespass, a couple people fired.

the first 70-80% of a project is most difficult cuz the big incomplete mess doesn’t look like the result you’re embarking on. it got really hard, things got in the way that made me lose sight of what i was working toward. but now i’m more than ever motivated to make corner of the space picturesque. also i feel liberated because all of energy and effort going toward renovations can now go toward utilizing the space for what it is for. i am at the brink of big blessing. i buried my riches right back into the soil that brought forth the fruit that sustained me. my favorite part it feeling is under my feet with every step.

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