IMG_3516Mreeuh combines the roles of tattoo artist, painter and writer to capture and convey the resilience and delicacy of human nature. Her work is a fine balance of precise lines, crude textures and dynamic patterns that embody the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Her elaborate and vibrant paintings are done mostly in pairs or collections, with the occasional one-off piece or custom commission.

Tattoos make the body a visual archive, permanently decorated with symbols and memory. Mreeuh’s penchant for geometric patterns and flowing textures comes alive in the medium of skin, ink and needles. Intentional pain can reduce involuntary suffering. Mreeuh believes that tattooing can be a vehicle for trauma recovery, stabilizing a new identity through artistic expression.

Originally from Atlanta Georgia, she is currently based in Cincinnati Ohio where she owns + operates Matter Botattica on Main Street in OTR. She started tattooing in 2010, moved to South Korea in 2013, then Miami Florida where she remained for three years, after a solo exhibition during Art Basel. She is the author and illustrator of Drones Don’t Dream, written in 2014. Matter Botattica was established in 2017.