art can manifest in multiple disciplines, but is one talent. everything isn’t for everyone, but i can make something for almost anyone.



I encourage entrepreneurship and love the art of branding.
Logo design is basic and foundational to your business identity.
Simpler than an illustration and composed of intelligent design,
a symbol is created that captures what you provide
and how you present yourself.


Tattooing since 2010,
I specialize in lettering, cover-ups,
animals, and astrological interpretations.

Click here to view the tattoo portfolio.                       

Visit the Matter Botattica website to book
or stop by the shop for walk-ins or free consultation.


A mural is just a big ass large-scale painting,
that can be done outside or inside.
If you have the wall and budget,
it has the impact of a monument.

Murals can also be coordinated as a group event with volunteers.


Illustrations are done by hand, on paper, then digitally perfected.
These are works primarily used for book or album covers,
but also can be continuously used for branding material
or a personal commission of a particular image.


Drawn by hand, then edited digitally, or made digitally.
For book or album covers, event flyers, promo, banners and labels.


One of the most thoughtful keepsakes you can gift a loved one.
A long-term investment, as fine art appreciates over time.
Priced depending on size and detail,
paintings are not limited to canvas
but can also be done on
furniture, clothing, etc.

2 week – a month advance notice is ideal.